Online banking for starting entrepreneurs


This design strategy project was focused on Rabobank’s clients who are small starting entrepreneurs. By conducting interviews and a focus group, we were able to map out the customer journey of a starting entrepreneur. The goal was to make a clear overview with a clear distinction between the personal and business accounts. Problems that were detected during the research phase were tackled, for example the virtual balance. How do you know whether you can buy that new equipment or that fancy new pair of shoes and make it till the next paycheck? Visuals after the break.

Try out the interactive demo by clicking here!

Note: This demo is optimized to run on an iPad.

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Aquavaganza 2013


Another successful edition of the largest student party in Eindhoven. 1000 attendants and and amazing ambiance. Please check out the movie after the break.

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brinkers poster thumb

Brand Strategy Project


Brinkers is a company that has been producing chocolate spread over a century. However, their product portfolio was unclear and their brand values were communicated poorly. The poster, which is available after the break, shows a possible strategy of improving the Brinkers brand.

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Lighting 2.0 (Video)


Most lighting setups still are pretty old fashioned. Over 100 fluorescent tubes in a room and there will be light. However, the user does not have control over the lighting apart from switching it all on or all off. The problem that I tried to solve during this project is based on modern lighting setups that offer more control to the user and make the installation of the setup less costly. The two stakeholders identified in this project are the end user and the installer. Up to 50 percent of the costs of installing a new lighting setup is pure man hours. Saving time equals saving money. Designing a solution which solves a problem for both parties was the task during this project.

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Internship @ VanBerlo


This semester was all about my internship at VanBerlo. I went to VanBerlo because of my desire to develop my marketing experience and skillset. VanBerlo is the largest design studio in the Netherlands and has a great reputation on trendwatching.
My internship consisted of a lot of different tasks. I had one main internship assignment, and several other jobs that I did during the semester. The main internship assignment focused on my development in marketing, while the other jobs helped me discover the broad aspects of the studio. The internship was very succesfull and after my internship they asked me to return and do some more work.


TwitnicTable (Video)


The goal of this project was to improve the exchange of knowledge between students. During this project it came apparent that helping and teaching each other is an act that looks a lot like trading. Why would one help another? You better ask the question: ‘When would someone help another?’. It’s a simple rule. You give something, for example knowledge. What you get back does not necessarily mean you have to get something like that back. No, the satisfaction you get from helping one can be enough to help.

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Solar Tower


This was my second project at the TU. This project offered a very wide start: do something with this new battery technique (lithylene) that makes it possible to create batteries in almost any shape. Another aspect of this battery was the possibility to create very thin batteries, starting from 6mm. Combining these two properties would allow to use the battery for example to make shaving devices smaller because the body is smaller.

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